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I need to say it out loud...

We are just the same

Jessica sings:

A fire burns
Water comes
You cool me down
When I’m cold inside
You are warm and bright
You know you are so good for me
With your child’s eyes
You are more than you seem
You see into space
I see in your face
The places you’ve been
The things you have learned
They sit with you so beautifully

Sara sings:

You know there’s no need to hide away
You know I tell the truth
[they sing this together] We are just the same
I can feel everything you do
Hear everything you say
Even when you’re miles away
Cause I am me, the universe and you

Jessica sings:

The Universe and you

They sing this together:

Just like stars burning bright
Making holes in the night
We are building bridges

You know there’s no need to hide away
You know I tell the truth

Sara sings:

We are just the same
I can feel everything you do
Hear everything you say
Even when you’re miles away
I am me, the universe and you

When you’re on your own
I’ll send you a sign
Just so you know
I am me, the universe and you

Jessica sings:

The universe and you, the universe and you
I am the universe and you


Until the morning comes

Here's to us, one more toast...

Mañana es el día de cambio. Mañana todo se quedará atrás y yo seré diferente.
Gracias por segundas oportunidades, gracias por realizaciones y gracias por los fallos.

Staring calmly at the crossroad, not desire to run.
Let's not hurry anymore.


Hi! Long time no post!

I've been super busy with college (yeah). I'm studying Dental Assistance, which is all kinds of cool (well, most of the time). Though I've missed class since Tuesday, due to a freaking tonsil infection.

Life over all has been good to me lately, and that includes my fangirl one. Callie/Arizona have been amazing this new season, and Glee has kinda been great lately... Brittana happened, it was hot and it sort of looks like the start of a storyline. Fingers crossed.  Not buying a sub for Venice though, mostly because I have no money, but I really am very estranged to the whole fandom lately. That does NOT mean that I don't care about Otalia anymore. Actually, yesterday I listened to Take me back on my iPod and really felt like crying, they'll always get me.

Oh, talking about Glee, I'm so over the controversy about that cover. They're adults, goddammit. And Glee has never been a "family show". I don't like the photos themselves, but this situation is super over the top. Funny enough, I remember when Naya Rivera's Maxim photos came out, Achele shippers were saying that they didn't imagine Lea or Dianna doing those kind of photos. HA!

Speaking of Naya , I love her every day more. She is addictive. Her voice is addictive. As is Sara Ramirez's. And if we're talking about music, don't even get me started on The Beatles. Not enough words in the English AND Spanish language to describe them.

Another thing: Got my Beatles RB/Guitar Hero game and guitar (now hoping for drums and a mic). Love it, though I can't get past Medium.

And, probably, that's it.

Oh, and I met a guy WHAT?


Such a pretty girl...

Oh, Jessica Leccia, I would watch a crossover of Two and Half Men and Twilight if you were in it, just for you. Gladly.

Yeah, it kinda sucks that Inez is Natalia 2.0 (as of now), but I don't care, I love that she has a job and that I can see her acting. It gives me the chance to consider not watching the next season of Venice, so this is salvation.

My love for this woman returned full force yesterday (It was never gone!): I dreamed of her and the Glee cast (my new love) last night hanging on Parque de Diversiones (a amusement park (what?) here in Costa Rica). Having Jessica and Naya Rivera in the same place, even in my subconscious, was awesome.

Note: My dream did totally have Heya Brittana in it. Score.

Oh, dear boy, THE HORROR!

This has me rolling on the floor laughing.

Un año más

Today is my birthday.

Today I'm turning 21.

Today I woke up to the call of a friend that wanted to say congratulations.

Today I convinced my sister to buy a Wii with me.

Today I loved the fact that I'm close to my mom, despite all.

Today I looked at pictures and didn't feel impending nostalgia.

Today I felt like a grown up.

Today, my brother-in-law fixed my computer and proved to be really awesome.

Today, my older sister feels like one of my oldest friends.

Today, my niece proved to be sometimes a mini me.

Today I went to church and felt at peace.

Today I didn't get what I wanted, but figured it sometimes is not the best for me in the long run.

Today I felt loved by a little, but incredible, group of people.

Today I felt happy with who I am.

Today is my bithday and even though it's not a huge thing, I feel that everything is going to be alright.

Daniela :)

Listen, do you want to know a secret?

Do you promise not to tell?
Let me whisper in your ear
Say the words you long to hear
I'm in love with you.


Yes, Daniela is downloading the whole Beatles' discography. And Daniela's very happy.